• Seeds

  • Are your seeds feminized?

    Our seeds are not feminized because we find that plants have the most vigor, reliability and are less likely to show intersex traits when left as nature intended.

  • What is your suggested method of germinating seeds?

    Our growers have had the most-reliable germination results (often over 99%) by planting seeds directly in soil. Our recommendation is to plant fingernail-deep in moistened seed starter or a light soil medium. Once planted, cover with a humidity dome for the first few days and spritz to keep the soil moist. Maintain a temperature of 80° F and keep humidity at 80% until emergence. Most seeds planted in harmony with the moon will crack in two to four days; planted out of phase, seedlings will emerge in five to ten days. Remove the humidity dome when all seeds have cracked.

  • Do you have any high-CBD strains?

    We are in the process of developing high CBD strains but are not yet ready to release them. We have high standards for the seeds we do release, and the CBD lines are taking a bit more time to reach the market. Please check back!

  • How much do your seeds cost?

    Though we provide suggested retail prices to our distributors, each dispensary ultimately sets their own pricing. For current availability and pricing, please contact stores directly.

  • How were these seeds grown?

    These seeds were grown as naturally and responsibly as possible, using organic growing methods.

  • What’s the best way to store seeds?

    Simply keep them in a sealed container, in a cool, dry and dark place with consistent temperatures.

  • Which strains are most potent?

    We’ve always felt that there’s more to potency than THC. If you’re looking for more than just numbers, we’d suggest Guptilla, Hercules, Chemodo Dragon, and Iron Triangle.

  • Which strains are the most Indica?

    Ghost Ship, Krishna Kush, and Night Nurse.

  • Which strains are the most Sativa?

    Chupacabra, Slazerbeam, and Sunburn.