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Green Lights for Marijuana Growers

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Green Lights for Marijuana Growers

Q: Hi. Some growers use green lights to work in their growing when the lamps are off. Do you see any issues with that?

A: Indeed you can use green lights if needed to interrupt the dark cycle of a plant. This should be done on more of an as-needed basis than regularly as I’ve heard compelling arguments that plants do indeed process the green light though much less rapidly or intensely than red or blue.

I would also point out that some “green” lights are simply white lights with a green-tinted cover on them. The light to use would be a green led headlight. I use this one as needed for pre-dawn foliar feeding, or to switch laundry during the night cycle at a former house!

Whether you’re growing your cannabis indoors our outdoor in the Colorado sun, from a clone or from seed, it’s all about the light, so make sure you’re as informed and careful as possible. –  Absolute Summit

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12 months ago

If green light can be used to interrupt a light/dark cycle, how can it be OK when you don’t want to interrupt a light/dark cycle??


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