If I wanted to use cannabis seeds for breeding, what are some things I should know before starting a project?

Creating seeds is a natural process that the cannabis plant does very effectively. As long as there is a male plant in your flower room, you can expect to have plenty of seeds when harvest time comes around. Breeding, however, is a more complex process that requires a lot of time and knowledge of your plants, but it is a very exciting experience for any cannabis enthusiast. If you are comfortable growing cannabis from seed and would like to try your hand at breeding, then be prepared for a long-term project. Pollinating your plants is easy, but to create seeds that are stabilized and reliable can take many generations to complete. All of this time and research will pay off though,…

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What is a good starting point to learn more about breeding cannabis?

Aspiring breeders can quickly be overwhelmed with information while doing research. Before getting into the genetic side of things, understanding the cannabis plant and how it works is the first step to making better decisions in your breeding program. Nutrient uptake, environmental reactions, and susceptibility to pathogens and pests are among many traits that need to be considered other than… full article

What kind of THC levels will I get from your strains?

The THC levels in our strains from at least at least 20 percent to 29 percent or more, and while we aim for high THC levels we also breed for the most potent, highest quality overall experience. There are more than 88 cannabinoids and 400 compounds that make up the cannabis plant and help create the experience and highly specific… full article

Marijuana Grow Tips – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

We at Colorado Seed Inc like to keep things as simple as possible when discussing cannabis seed genetics and growing methods, but as you can see on our website, we list our seed strains as being suitable for “beginner,” “intermediate,” and “advanced” grows. This might cause some confusion. Here’s some clarity from our Marijuana Grow Tips Q&A series. Q:… full article

Marijuana Grow Tips from Colorado Seed Inc

Marijuana Grow Tips from Colorado Seed Inc Q: Any recommendations on how to keep a good workflow to stay on top of my garden? A:  Sometimes garden life can get a bit hectic and it can be tough to find time to just stop and smell the flowers. I personally choose Sunday as a quiet day to really suss things… full article

Marijuana Strains for Pain Management

Marijuana Strains for Pain Management Q: This isn’t about growing, but I’m interested in what strains you recommend for pain management. A: We often get folks asking which strains are the best for pain management. While each person can have different experiences with strain effects, certain rules of thumb apply. Generally, we recommend indica over sativa for pain, as the… full article

Organic Marijuana Cultivation – Simple Tips

Organic Marijuana Cultivation – Simple Tips Q: If you’re not using chemical pesticides, how can you keep your garden clear of pests? A: One of the more challenging aspects of cannabis cultivation has always been keeping marijuana garden pests at bay. This is especially the case for the organic gardener. Due to the expensive nature and limited efficacy of natural pest… full article

Growing Organic Marijuana

Growing Organic Marijuana  Q: People have been growing using “chemical” fertilizers for ages, and getting big and beautiful buds as a result. Why do you put so much focus on organic? A: Our Colorado marijuana seeds are grown and produced in Boulder, which is somewhat the epicenter of natural and organic commerce in the United States. Being organic is very… full article

Green Lights for Marijuana Growers

Green Lights for Marijuana Growers Q: Hi. Some growers use green lights to work in their growing when the lamps are off. Do you see any issues with that? A: Indeed you can use green lights if needed to interrupt the dark cycle of a plant. This should be done on more of an as-needed basis than regularly as I’ve heard… full article