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Growing Organic Marijuana

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Growing Organic Marijuana 

Q: People have been growing using “chemical” fertilizers for ages, and getting big and beautiful buds as a result. Why do you put so much focus on organic?

A: Our Colorado marijuana seeds are grown and produced in Boulder, which is somewhat the epicenter of natural and organic commerce in the United States. Being organic is very much in keeping with the culture here and it’s a positive climate – both naturally and economically – to explore and produce chemical-free cannabis products. We’d be organic regardless of our location, but being in a place where it is of great importance – and acceptance – is key.

We also care a lot about our cannabis, and all of the people who work with our plants are here in our Colorado grow because, in some form or another, they have a genuine love for marijuana.  We are blessed to have the freedom to grow ours with quality at the forefront of each decision we make.  It is this aim which has led us to choose natural methods to feed and care for our plants.

There are an unquantifiable radiance and lifeforce that emanates from the fruit or flower of a happy plant. In our indoor atmosphere, a gardeners happiness when tending to a plant must also be considered, as all of these shared vibrations are integral to a happy plant’s existence.  By using naturally sourced ingredients in our garden, our gardeners don’t ever have to wonder about unknown side effects of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on themselves or on those who use this medicine.

One common misconception is that all organic nutrients and pesticides are “safe” for people. This is misleading. This labeling only certifies that the ingredients are of natural origin. Responsible gardening, whether organic or conventional, plays an enormous role in the production of safe and happy plants. In choosing to use these natural products we are simply putting our faith in mother nature as our supplier, as opposed to our fellow man.  These plants are a long way from their native environments, but we try to do our best to make them feel at home.

Organic gardening is generally more expensive in both materials and labor, and in the instance of our current cannabis market, yields no higher price per pound, but the quality, flavor, and knowledge that they’re chemical free is worth any additional cost.

Not to mention, growing organically is becoming the norm for commercial grows as state regulators in Colorado and Oregon draft extremely tough laws against using chemical pesticides in marijuana grows. Those growers who have been conventional are being forced to go “organic” and facing a steep learning curve in the process.

Those who violate the regulations are having their grow operations quarantined and their names published in the Denver Post.

So whether you’re growing for the “natural” side of it or the fact that you’re forced by regulations to do so, take it from us it is the best way to make the highest quality craft cannabis that you and your customers will feel good about.

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