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Organic Marijuana Cultivation – Simple Tips

4 years ago 2 comments

Organic Marijuana Cultivation – Simple Tips

Q: If you’re not using chemical pesticides, how can you keep your garden clear of pests?

A: One of the more challenging aspects of cannabis cultivation has always been keeping marijuana garden pests at bay. This is especially the case for the organic gardener. Due to the expensive nature and limited efficacy of natural pest and mold solutions in the face of infestations, proactively preparing the plants for a healthy life is a key component to success. That’s why we focus on prevention and some basic organic marijuana cultivation – simple tips.

Firstly, don’t be fooled – even though Colorado’s climate is dry, especially when compared to other grow-rich areas like Oregon and northern Cali (even indoors), we still have to deal with the same issues of maintaining ideal levels of humidity. Powdery mildew and pests will show up no matter where you grow if you’re not careful – and clean.

Apart from a probiotic feeding regimen and IPM schedule, the biggest component to keeping things clean is …keeping things really really clean!! Regular cleaning of not only the floors but the walls, trays, light fixtures (in and out), venting, a/c units, ballasts, ceilings, etc. Basically, any surface big enough for a spore to land on should be cleaned regularly. These proactive measures will go a long way in helping to avoid using poisons, organic or conventional, on our natural medicine.

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Rickey Rolen
1 year ago

It is easy to say keep area clean but what do you suggest to use in cleaning and what do you use to destroy spider mites. Been growing for years but first time having mites. Another question.Whar type neutrients do you use during growing period?


Mike Connelly
1 year ago

My compliments on your strains. I just finished off a crop of Chemodo Dragon and Krishna Kush, and I’ve grown Clementine and Hibiscus Sunrise in the past. My out of town friends are always amazed at my homegrown. Thanks for the killer genetics. 🙂


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