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Nina Limone Series

Nina Limone was born from our love for high-octane sativas balanced by a grounding, kushy anchor. Looking to shorten flower times and maintain a stimulating user experience, we crossed Super Lemon Haze with our Rebel God Smoke (Cindy 99 x (Rugburn OG x Ghost OG Moonshine)). An outstanding sativa in its own right, and a remarkable breeding partner

Nina’s presence introduces a terpene-rich sativa zest into the nose and taste. The fragrances and flavors are aromatherapeutic – brightening, cheering and energizing. Nina-crossed plants can be huge, as can the yields, and often produce buds coated with trichomes.

The strain has shown a propensity to shorten flower times on long-day sativas by 2-3 weeks, often cutting 10 week flower times down to around 60 days.A nod in name to one of our favorite jazz singers, and generally inspired by musicians everywhere.

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