Marijuana Grow Tips from Colorado Seed Inc

Marijuana Grow Tips from Colorado Seed Inc

Q: Any recommendations on how to keep a good workflow to stay on top of my garden?

A:  Sometimes garden life can get a bit hectic and it can be tough to find time to just stop and smell the flowers. I personally choose Sunday as a quiet day to really suss things out.  I always bring a notepad on these “slow-walks” because often I learn so much its difficult to retain!

One thing I note is phenotype data for new breeders; node length, leaf shaping, stem thickness, smells and looks. This is also a great time to take general stock of the garden. Spin plants to look for hidden pests. Examine the…

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Marijuana Strains for Pain Management

Marijuana Strains for Pain Management Q: This isn’t about growing, but I’m interested in what strains you recommend for pain management. A: We often get folks asking which strains are the best for pain management. While each person can have different experiences with strain effects, certain rules of thumb apply. Generally, we recommend indica over sativa for pain, as the… full article

Growing Organic Marijuana

Growing Organic Marijuana  Q: People have been growing using “chemical” fertilizers for ages, and getting big and beautiful buds as a result. Why do you put so much focus on organic? A: Our Colorado marijuana seeds are grown and produced in Boulder, which is somewhat the epicenter of natural and organic commerce in the United States. Being organic is very… full article