What kind of THC levels will I get from your strains?

The THC levels in our strains from at least at least 20 percent to 29 percent or more, and while we aim for high THC levels we also breed for the most potent, highest quality overall experience.

There are more than 88 cannabinoids and 400 compounds that make up the cannabis plant and help create the experience and highly specific to that strain.

THC is a very important one, of course, but it’s content level an incomplete indicator of the potency of a strain. We find a variance of experience that happens with our strains – some with lower THC get us higher than those with high THC.

We grow for the most potent, well-rounded and overall excellent total experience…

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Marijuana Grow Tips from Colorado Seed Inc

Marijuana Grow Tips from Colorado Seed Inc Q: Any recommendations on how to keep a good workflow to stay on top of my garden? A:  Sometimes garden life can get a bit hectic and it can be tough to find time to just stop and smell the flowers. I personally choose Sunday as a quiet day to really suss things… full article

Green Lights for Marijuana Growers

Green Lights for Marijuana Growers Q: Hi. Some growers use green lights to work in their growing when the lamps are off. Do you see any issues with that? A: Indeed you can use green lights if needed to interrupt the dark cycle of a plant. This should be done on more of an as-needed basis than regularly as I’ve heard… full article